Frequently Seen Attraction

1. Spring water
Fresh water spring are feature of the trek and your  guide know where these are during the  drier month (July -Sept)
Some spring completely disappear
Park staff and guides constantly monitor these water sources to determine theirs supply and abundance,many spring are sources of holy are used in ceremonies

2.Hot Spring
The volcanic chemistry of hot spring offers special healing properties,the sasak people believe the spring have  medicinal and spiritual powers

3.Long tailed Grey macaque
This is the most wide -rangging and common  primate  on lombok "macaca fascicularis" is usually seen along the road side of Pusuk pass near Matram they frequent village areas where they scavenge and steal food older meals are often seen high on the creater rim of rinjani

4. Ebony leaf monkey
Found in south East Asia and across western Indonesia as far as Lombok this rare monkey "tracyphitecus auratus cristatus" is found in family groups in canopy of rainforests

5. Wild fig
Look for the disturbed ground where "susvitacus"has been foraging

6. Rusa Deer
Found throughout  most of Indonesia "cervus timorensis" is are forest dweller that is occasionally seen along the rinjani trekking trails

7. Barking  deer
Smaller than Rusa "muntiacus muntjak" is the other species of deer  Found in the park  It's alarm call is distinct dog like bark also found in the forest are  the leopard cat,palm civet and porcurvine

8. Fig trees
Many of the forest-dwelleing animal insects,bird owe their survival to wild fig "ficus sp" as a provider of food and shelter.Bird and animals deposite the seeds of the strangling fig on a high branch where it germinates before connecting to the earth through a curtain of aerial roots that finally overwhelm the host tree

This pine-like species "casuarina junghuniana" is are feature  of the grassy higher slopes where fire and volcanic eruptions have made the environment in hospitable for the broad leafed  species of the rain forest

Found growing above the treeline the edelweis "anaphalis vescida" is are beautiful  icon of the park and one of our best known sub alpine plants

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